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Are acne treatments in Centreville, VA safe?

Dr. Neeraja Mattay at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc explains whether acne treatments in Centreville, VA are safe

When Centerville, VA area patients are interested in addressing skin concerns such as acne, they can seek treatment with a dermatologist in the area. Our doctors have dedicated themselves to helping patients with their medical and cosmetic skin concerns. They have a wide variety of advanced devices for treatment and diagnostics, ensuring patients get the care they need with a trusted, experienced staff of professionals. Acne demystified Patients often think of acne as a condition that only affects teenagers going through puberty. While this can be a trigger for many young patients, acne can affect men and women of all … Continue reading

Dermatologist near me in Centreville answers, ‘Are acne scars treatable? ‘

Acne scars treatable

At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc., our team of professionals see many patients in the community of Centreville with a variety of issues. Patients seeking a dermatologist “near me” who can address acne and acne scars are welcome to connect with our staff. What is acne? Acne is a condition that is caused by inflammation and can affect patients of all ages – not just teenagers. This condition results in the development of blackheads, pimples, and pustules on the face or body that can be painful and unsightly. Many patients with severe cases of acne are often self-conscious about … Continue reading

Use the latest laser technology as a fast acne treatment option in Gainesville, VA

Latest laser technology used for fast acne treatment from dermatologist in gainesville va

Patients with acne want a fast and effective treatment. Patients in the Gainesville, VA area who are faced with acne may be advised to consider the latest in laser technology.   Laser technology has been used in medicine for many years, and dermatology patients can benefit from these services as well. Laser therapy is used in many cases in dermatology and can help with: Acne Melasma Psoriasis Eczema Hair removal Tattoo removal Patients who are unhappy with their skin due to acne may want to speak to Drs. Neeraja Mattay and Nickolai Talanin about moving forward with laser treatment. Lasers … Continue reading

Centreville, VA dermatologist provides top-notch acne scar treatment

treatment for acne scar from centreville va dermatologist

Were you one of those unlucky teenagers who had severe acne? Do the scars it left on your skin cause you to cringe when you look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself? Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, located in Centreville, VA, cares about you. We want all our patients to live lives filled with self-confidence and joy. That’s why we offer innovative and effective acne scar treatment. What acne is: Acne affects the skin’s oil glands. Your pores connect to glands under your skin. The glands produce sebum, an oily substance. Your pores and glands are connected by … Continue reading

Top dermatologist in Centreville, VA treats even the most severe acne

acne medications and therapies from centreville va dermatologist

Everyone has heard jokes about severe acne, including the derogatory name “pizza face.” Acne makes many people self-conscious and keeps them from feeling their best. If this is you or a loved one, Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, located in Centreville, VA, can help. We believe in giving each patient their very own personalized solutions. Our acne dermatologists help you achieve clear skin. What is acne? When oil and dead skin cells clog pores, inflammation and infection known as acne results. There are many names for acne, including whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and blemishes. When acne is severe it can literally mean that hundreds … Continue reading

Dermatologists provide effective treatment with acne medications and therapies

acne medications and therapies from centreville dermatologist

Acne is not limited to adolescents. Some patients develop this condition for the first time in middle age. While store-bought acne medication is designed with younger patients in mind, Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia understands adult-onset acne is different from its counterpart.   Understanding these differences is necessary to effectively treat acne when the retail products fail to work, or they worsen inflammation, increasing the odds of developing scars. Unique needs Teenage acne-sufferers tend to develop pimples and comparatively oily skin in the lower part of the face around the mouth and along the jawline. This type of acne often arises at … Continue reading

Acne treatments in Centreville are not one size fits all

acne treatment from centreville dermatologist

Having acne breakouts can cause embarrassment and self-esteem issues. Even worse, lasting scars can be left behind as reminders. Whenever you suffer from an acne breakout, there is the risk of long lasting scars. The more severe the breakout is, the greater the risk. We see patients every day who are desperate for a solution to acne. By consulting with your dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. you will find solutions to reduce breakouts, minimize the appearance of scars, and improve the health of your skin long term. Acne treatment is different for everyone Acne breakouts vary widely … Continue reading

Dermatological team in the Ashburn area explains adult acne treatment

adult acne treatment from ashburn dermatologist

The best way to keep your skin beautiful is preventive care. A proper skin care regimen can prevent acne. Patients in Ashburn and the surrounding areas can turn to a team of skilled dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. for excellent advice as well as treatment for acne and other skin conditions. Our team provides gentle and effective care in our Sterling and Centreville offices. Learning about how acne develops Acne leads as the most common skin condition. It usually develops during puberty, but many adults also live with acne. The pores become clogged when dead skin cells … Continue reading

Acne may respond well to light treatments performed in our office near Ashburn

effective light treatments treatment for acne from ashburn dermatologist

Light therapies are relatively new and may be unfamiliar to many patients seeking solutions for stubborn acne. Our experienced physicians are continually advancing their knowledge of innovative technologies that may benefit their patients. Blue light therapy, in particular, a form of photodynamic therapy (PDT), may be recommended for the treatment of acne. Photodynamic therapy treatments performed in our offices near Ashburn may be used as a sole form of treatment or as a part of a comprehensive skin care plan. What is photodynamic therapy? In dermatologic terms, “photo” means light. “Dynamic” is a term used to describe action. Photodynamic therapy is the action of light … Continue reading

Centreville area dermatology practice explains effective treatment methods for acne

effective acne treatment methods from south riding dermatologist

One of the most common reasons patients may visit a dermatologist is due to problems such as acne. Acne affects patients of all ages, not just teenagers. Many adults struggle with acne well into their thirties and forties and want to find a way to improve the appearance and health of their skin while reducing the likelihood of developing acne scars that can permanently affect the texture of the skin.   Acne is either non-inflammatory or inflammatory. By getting a proper diagnosis by Dr. Neeraja Mattay at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. in the Centreville area, patients can determine … Continue reading

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