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Fat melting with CoolSculpting an ideal alternative for Ashburn patients who want to avoid surgery

Dr. Neeraja C. Mattay at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc providing Fat melting with CoolSculpting

Stubborn fatty deposits in the flanks, midsection, or thighs can be quite the challenge. For many men and women, diet and exercise alone simply do not seem to fully eliminate unwanted fat from these area. Thanks to advances in cosmetic technologies, it is possible to achieve your desired contours in a few office visits and, even better, without surgery.

Historically, the most dramatic approach to fat reduction has involved the surgical removal of excess fat and sometimes skin. The liposuction procedure itself has changed somewhat in recent years, but these changes do not sideline the fact that liposuction is surgery. Where there is surgery, there are incisions, there is risk and there is a need for downtime to recover. Patients who visit Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. have the opportunity to flatten the midsection and whittle down the thighs with non-surgical, non-invasive Coolsculpting.

Freezing for fat melting makes sense

With two offices in Northern Virginia, we are within convenient distance to areas such as Ashburn and more. Our experienced physicians explain the process of CoolSculpting to patients interested in a safe, effective alternative to surgical fat removal.

Scientific research has identified the precise range of temperatures to which fat cells respond. When a section of fat tissue is suctioned into the panels of the CoolSculpting device, we are able to subject troublesome fat cells to extreme cold. Treatment lasts several minutes, during which patients sit or lie back comfortably. Several areas may be treated in the same day, though each is addressed individually. For instance, one thigh is treated at a time.

After CoolSculpting treatment has targeted fat cells, crystallization occurs and the cells are gradually emptied from the body through natural processing. The results of treatment appear gradually as more cells leave the body. Typically, the full extent of treatment is seen after 12 weeks.

Unwanted fat does not have to impact your satisfaction with your appearance. At the same time, you may not require surgery such as liposuction to feel better about your body. The staff at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. has the training and experience you can rely on to reduce fat around the thighs or midsection. Schedule your visit with us to learn more about this innovative procedure.


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I recently had an appointment at the Sterling office. Booking the appointment over the phone was easy and fast. Upon arrival, I found the front desk staff to be pleasant and efficient. My wait time was minimal in the waiting room and well as in the back room, which is always a nice thing with any doctor's office. When I did meet with the doctor, we discussed my issues and overall felt like all my questions and concerns were thoroughly answered before I left. No complaints, and will definitely be coming back if need be and recommending this practice to my family and friends.

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