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Psoriasis Centreville VA - Image for PsoriasisStatistics from the National Psoriasis Foundation reveal that 7.5 million people in our country, just over 2 percent of our population, suffer the effects of psoriasis. This skin condition is actually the most prevalent of all autoimmune diseases in America. The cause of psoriasis is a faulty response within the body’s immune system, in which the production of skin cells becomes greatly accelerated. New skin cells build up faster than old cells can die and slough off, leading to areas of thickness and irritation.
An accurate diagnosis for psoriasis is extremely important. This condition is not only emotionally distressing, but has been linked with various other health conditions such as depression, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. A visit with a board-certified dermatologist is vital to gain the information necessary to manage psoriasis. In our office, we help patients discover the type of psoriasis they have and their most suitable management plan.
The most common type of psoriasis is called psoriasis vulgaris. Most people know this condition as plaque psoriasis, a condition in which areas of skin become highly inflamed. “Plaques” may look like raised spots with silver scales. This type of psoriasis is often found on the back, knees, elbows, or scalp, and it often flares up in response to stress.
Guttate psoriasis is a type that may begin during childhood, triggered by medication, injury, stress, tonsillitis, respiratory infection, or strep throat. A flare up may cause red spots to appear on the torso or the arms and legs.
Brightly colored red, shiny lesions that develop in skin folds such as the groin, below the breasts, or in the underarm area may be caused by inverse psoriasis, a condition in which sweat is an irritant.
Pustular psoriasis can occur on any area of the body, but it is typically seen on the hands and feet. In this condition, the skin may turn bright red and blisters may develop. Pustular psoriasis may be triggered by infection, sunburn, medications, or even pregnancy.
The most inflammatory type of psoriasis is erythrodermic psoriasis, a condition that affects large areas of the body with red irritation and widespread shedding. This type of psoriasis is less common, thankfully, as it requires immediate medical attention due to the extent of involvement both on the skin and systemically.
The team at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. have dedicated their careers to the health and wellness of the skin. In a consultation with one of our board-certified physicians, you can learn more about the condition of psoriasis and find the treatment plan best suited to your needs.
We have a variety of ways in which we help patients manage their psoriasis, including topical medications and approved systemic medications including Humira, Enbrel, Stelara, Remicade, methotrexate, Soriatane, and more Psoriasis may also be managed with ultraviolet light therapy.
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I recently had an appointment at the Sterling office. Booking the appointment over the phone was easy and fast. Upon arrival, I found the front desk staff to be pleasant and efficient. My wait time was minimal in the waiting room and well as in the back room, which is always a nice thing with any doctor's office. When I did meet with the doctor, we discussed my issues and overall felt like all my questions and concerns were thoroughly answered before I left. No complaints, and will definitely be coming back if need be and recommending this practice to my family and friends.

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